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  • CfP1 Stage 2 training
  • CSFN Executive
    Andrew Harris
  • working towards the Namibian vision 2030 of becoming an industrialized nation.
  • NGO EXPO 2013
  • CSFN Launch
    13 June 2013 - Officials


Welcome to the homepage of the The Civil Society Foundation of Namibia (CSFN. The Civil Society Foundation of Namibia (CSFN)  works to raise and distribute funding to civil society and more especially smaller grassroots community based organizations.


CSFN Mini & Micro Grants Call Preparation.....


Latest NEWS

The CSFN mini and micro granting pilot in the Zambezi region is now well advanced. The CSFN is now in a position to revise its procedures based on experience and plan for the next granting. This shall be done this August and we hope to launch calls for proposals in two further regions in September and October 2014 respectively....



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