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  • working towards the Namibian vision 2030 of becoming an industrialized nation.
  • CSFN Executive
    Andrew Harris
  • CfP1 Stage 2 training
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    13 June 2013 - Officials


Welcome to the homepage of the The Civil Society Foundation of Namibia (CSFN. The Civil Society Foundation of Namibia (CSFN)  works to raise and distribute funding to civil society and more especially smaller grassroots community based organizations.


CfP 1 Grant Contracts Awarded.....


Latest NEWS

Seven organisations had been awarded Grant Contracts through the CSFN-FCG 1st Call for Proposal (CfP1) under a European Union Funded Programme - The Namibia Civil Support Programme (NCSSP). click on the link that follows for more details...CfP1 Grant Awards 



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