18/09/2014 CfP2 Total Grant Awarded
CSFN Launch
CSFN Executive
CfP2 Grant Award Ceremony
  • 18/09/2014 CfP2 Total Grant Awarded
  • CSFN Launch
    13 June 2013 - Officials
  • CSFN Executive
    Andrew Harris
  • CfP2 Grant Award Ceremony
  • working towards the Namibian vision 2030 of becoming an industrialized nation.


Welcome to the official website of the Civil Society Foundation of Namibia, a platform to share dialogues, projects and updates on latest trends of civil society organisations in Namibia.

Latest News.....

CSFN and the NANGOF Trust is conducting an on-going Competence Based Training to individual

representatives of CSOs in Namibia as of 16.03.2015. To register please contact Ms. Valencia Ferris

@ 061 212503

For more news on how civil society  organisations are developing the Namibian communities email us info@csfnam.org

Catch us on facebook @  Civil Society Foundation of Namibia (CSFN)

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